‘MAFS’ Russell Apparently Revealed To A Stranger That He And Beth Call It Quits Before The Finale

Consider the beans spilled

While Australia is blessed with four straight nights of Married At First Sight every week, when it comes to reality television, patience is hardly our virtue.

So, when a contestant decides to spill the beans regarding future scenarios set to play out on-screen, our ears prick up.

This time, we can thank recent groom Russell Duance, who has apparently gone and spilled the beans regarding the future of his relationship with bride Beth Moore.

According to The Wash, back in December 2020, the publication heard from a source who had information straight from Dan Andrews, sorry Russell, himself.

The source claims that she met him at a bar in Sydney, while he was in town from South Australia for press-related events. She shared a photo with the 37-year-old diesel mechanic and revealed the gossip that he willingly shared about the show.

According to the source, Russell reportedly told her that he and Beth Moore only lasted six weeks and were now over.

“Old mate is a contestant on the next season! He came to Sydney from SA for promotional gifs and stuff like that. Told me lots of gossip about the show already. He kept showing his empty ring finger when everyone asked if he was still together. I think he told me he made it to about week six from memory hahahah. He also told me there is drama with people cheating this season, which isn’t a shock but still exciting.”

And while news that the couple part ways may be on the sombre side, after last night’s episode, it’s not all too surprising.

Viewers may recall that after being paired with Russell, Beth broke down in tears and referred to her new groom as “not what I was expecting.” She also admitted that she didn’t feel a connection with Russell at all, and as the episode continued—and his inability to recognise kiwifruits—the pair looked to be growing further apart.

“I feel like a sh*t person because I don’t have that feeling that I wanted to have,” Beth said in tears. She continued: “It’s just so early and obviously my emotions are heightened because of all these expectations.”

Married At First Sight Australia continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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