Are ‘Married At First Sight’s’ Lyndall and Cameron Still Together?

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Lyndall Grace and Cameron Dunne were arguably the sweet ones of this season of Married At First Sight 2023. Here’s everything we know about their burgeoning love affair, from Lyndall’s heart-felt admission about her illness, to their current relationship status.

Who Are Lyndall Grace and Cameron Dunne?

Lyndall Grace is a 27-year-old accountant from Western Australia. She was born with cystic fibrosis (an inherited disease caused by a defective gene that damages the lungs, digestive tract and other organs), which can curtail lifespans significantly. Lyndall grew up thinking that she may not make it past the age of 30, but a new wonder-drug has completely changed that outlook. Now that her medication is due to extend her life, Lyndall is on the hunt for someone to share it with.

Cameron Dunne is a 27-year old carpenter based up in the Northern Territory. Living so remotely has made finding love more difficult for Cam, so he’s mostly been on his own, bar his blue heeler Bohdi. Now, he’s looking for companionship of the human variety to fill his days.

The Wedding

Could Lyndall & Cam prove that opposites attract? (Credit: Source: @10dall)

When Lyndall and Cam met at the altar it was love at first sight. Both of them were grinning, obviously happy with the total stranger they were getting hitched to.

Lyndall appeared taken with his country-boy, happy-go-lucky attitude, and Cam by her sweet nature. The pair hit it off straight away and Cam was really understanding when Lyndall anxiously told him about her health condition.

Having had a friend who had cystic fibrosis, he understood the condition and said he was willing to support her and be there for her.

The Honeymoon

For their honeymoon, Lyndall and Cam were off to Fraser Island. The location was perfect for them, bonding over their shared love of the water and adventure.

“He knows me really well and it’s all coming together,” she said at the time. Everything appeared like it was coming up roses for the happy couple. They had some tough discussions about Lyndall’s life expectancy with the new drugs, and Cam’s fears about what that would mean for their partnership.

“I ain’t going anywhere, I’ve got you,” Cam said.

The First Dinner Party

Lyndall and Cam’s relationship shows signs of cracks, but can they make it to the final vows? (Credit: Source: @10dall)

There was one dinner party in particular that stuck in the minds of all the Cam and Lyndall stans, and that was the one where Lyndall decided to tell Caitlin that she saw Shannon out with a mystery woman (that could have been his ex and child) when she was walking with Claire.

While Lyndall felt she owed it to Caitlin to let her know, Cam was keen to stay out of the drama and didn’t love that Lyndall was getting involved.

Family and Friends Week

During family week, drama erupted over a moment where Cam refused to hug Lyndall. It was her mum that had asked to see it and feeling pressured, he had resisted.

That, of course, put Lyndall’s mum’s nose out of joint. However, when discussing it with his own mum, Fiona, she was straight to the point and on her son’s side. She said people who required over the top affection had something ‘lacking’.

“I see it as insecurity,” she said. “I think it’s craving for attention.”

The opposing view points from the mothers then caused their children to get in a rift, each protecting the woman who bore them.

“I’m protective of my mum. You’ve said that I’m insecure because I want one hug a day. I’m just getting p—ed,” Lyndall said.

“I never said that!” Cam responded. “Well, you’re saying that your mum said it and you seem to believe everything your mum says.”

Lyndall replied, “Yeah, and so do you.”

The Final Dinner Party

At the sixth dinner party, it was time for a truth bomb for this struggling couple. Cameron, a Northern Territory dweller told Lyndall that he could be working away from her for “six months, to a year” as a part of his job. Naturally, this sent Lyndall into a spiral of shock and disappointment.

Her first thought was, ‘how can we carry on a relationship with one partner not there’? The final blow was when Cameron admitted that at the start of the MAFS process he had said he would “move for love”. His honesty revealed his true feelings—he wouldn’t commit to a move for her, or at least not yet.

Homestay week

Things did not get better for homestay week, with Lyndall and Cam headed to the Northern Territory to spend time with his friends.

On a boat trip, one of the fish lept up and ‘kissed’ Lyndall, and she made an off-hand comment. “First kiss I got all week,” she said, as a pointed joke.

However, it ended up escalating, with Lyndall complaining that she feels like she’s being treated as “a mate” and didn’t know if Cam even liked her. “Why the f**k are we together if you don’t even want to kiss me like, ever?” she said. “It just doesn’t feel right.”

Cam said he had never been an affectionate person, having grown up without that in his family household, and that it didn’t reflect his feelings for Lyndall. Yet, there was no denying the rift between them was getting deeper. Cam said it wasn’t time for the “final nail on the coffin yet”, but things weren’t looking good.

Final Vows

Despite an explosive final dinner party, Lyndall told cameras on the last day of the experiment that she and Cam were in a better place than they had been previously.

“I’m going to miss him and I think he’s started to see that he’s going to miss me, too,” she explained. “We do really care about each other and we do have a lot there,” she added.

Sadly, the relationship wasn’t meant to be. During the final vow exchange, Lyndall delivered a firm message to Cam, reminding him of how he constantly failed to compromise and couldn’t handle constructive criticism or manage difficult discussions. 

“Once these cracks started to form you withdrew from this relationship completely,” Lyndall told her (ex?) husband.

“I constantly had to beg for a shred of affection, your time, your attention and support when I was hurting. I felt like I was a burden and that being there for me as my partner was an inconvenience.”

The ultimate kicker came when Lyndall reminded Cam of her worth: “To put it plainly, stay in your lane, and I’ll stay in mine. I want to build a life I’m proud of and that life does not include you.”

Rather than giving Cam the opportunity to say his part, Lyndall just told him she’s done and walked away, leaving him to throw his speech on the ground. It was a moment in MAFS history, and one we can’t get enough of. 

In the spirit of Miley Cyrus, Lyndall is going to buy her own flowers, take herself dancing, hold her own hand and do all the things Cam couldn’t and wouldn’t do.

Their final vows were just like their relationship: rocky and confusing (Credit: Source: @10dall)

Are MAFS’ Lyndall and Cameron Still Together?

Not that we had any hopes for a reconciliation between the pair, but it’s clear that there is no hope for this former flame. In the words of Taylor Swift, they are never getting back together. 

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