Cyrell Calls Out Jessika And Two Other ‘MAFS’ Co-Stars For Making A “Mockery Of Mental Health” In Viral Video

Jessika Power has since apologised for the hurtful comments she made

Trigger Warning: this article mentions mental health and suicide and may be distressing to some readers.

Considering that the Married At First Sight reunion—and the drama that went with it—are no longer on our screens, one would breathe easy and patiently await the upcoming eigth season. But alas, a trio of former brides are now in hot water over their treatment of another cast mate, prior to their 2021 television stint.

Season six favourite Cyrell Paule, AKA Cyclone Cyrell, has called out three of her MAFS reunion co-stars for an Instagram video that was filmed during production of Channel Nine’s two-part special. And understandably, it’s going viral.

In the video, season five alum Sarah Roza can be seen sat in a car ahead of filming the second part of the reunion, and is accompanied by Ashley Irvin and Jessika Power in the back seat. As they start to brainstorm who will be joining them at the reality TV showdown, Jessika announces that she hopes “Cyrell fell over and broke her leg or something.”

Following the rather distasteful comment, Sarah—the only one with a sense of right and wrong—responds to Jessika, saying: “No, nobody wishes anybody bad.”

However, Sarah’s call back to reality (no pun intended) was overlooked by the two in the back seat, with Ashley piping up to interject by suggesting that “Cyrell has been hospitalised, institutionalised”, followed up with Jessika adding: “For mental!”

The pair continue to call out Cyrell in any way possible, directly addressing her behaviour and saying: “You don’t talk to people like that!”. Finishing up the jaw-dropping video, Sarah concludes the rant by expressing a life motto about karma, sharing a simple: ”You don’t have to drive the karma bus, man.”

And if that video wasn’t enough, Cyrell herself, took to Instagram to not only comment on the video, but to share it with her 287k Instagram followers.

Sharing a lengthy caption, she called out the trio for their slander, writing: “Sooo wishing I fell and broke my leg… Then we had I think her name is Ashley (I wouldn’t know. Was she even at the reunion???) and Jess making a mockery of mental health!”

Cyrell continued to call out their behaviour and how Jessika and Ashley joked about mental health, saying: “In this day and age. Mental health is not a joke. And if I were a person who was not as strong and allowed this to get to me. I probably would have committed suicide or inflicted self harm from this BULLYING!”

“For those that believe that Jess was capable of change. This was filmed on the day of the reunion… I don’t find this funny at all,” she added. “And these ladies should apologise for their inappropriate remarks. And to even post it on their Instagram. Shame on the 3 of you. For anyone dealing with any mental health issues. Don’t not let this video get to you. Seek help. You are not alone. #mentalhealthawareness #youarenotalone

Since the unsurprising backlash around the video has surfaced all over Instagram, Jessika has come forward to clarify that despite what was seen in the video, she is a “massive advocate for mental health”, in a video courtesy of So Dramatic! Podcast’s Instagram.

“The comments that were made in the back of that car were because Cyrell tried to follow me around five times at the reunion last night,” she said, in reference to the infamous throwing of wine during the dinner party.

Adding that her comments were “a bitchy thing to say”, Jessika also extended an apology for her behaviour, saying: “I apologise, I would never mock mental health.”

Wishing Cyrell well for her future, Jessika confirms that she plans to remove herself from any and all drama involving Cyrell and will no longer engage with her. Joining her in the apology world tour was Sarah, who posted the video in the first place.

Sharing a text image on her Instagram feed, she explained why she removed the original video and for her fans to listen out for her “side of the story.”

“I have removed my most recent IGTV video as it was requested to be removed by @jessika_power & @ashleyairvin & I have done so out of respect for them… I will tell my side of the story soon!”

“Even though it was not my intention, it has become apparent that the IGTV may have triggered some people, so if you need support please reach out to Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 💞.”

If you or someone you know needs help you can call Lifeline on 131 114 or Beyondblue 1300 224 636.

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