‘MasterChef’ Reactions: Yes Melissa, You Tell Him!

Quote of the season: "I invite you to listen to us."

Finally, after months of waiting it’s time to make the seamless transition from Married At First Sight to something a little more wholesome: MasterChef Australia

The battle of the white aprons is back, and episode one of the Channel 10 cooking show certainly didn’t disappoint thanks to the return of judges Melissa, Jock, and Andy. 

One of the night’s most emotional moments came from contestant Tommy, who shared he was going to cook up his mum’s chicken congee recipe. “Food is how I show love, and I learnt that from my mum,” he says, and AWWW! Excuse us while we melt. 

Of course, we needed just a teensy bit of drama mixed in, meeting out-of-work flight attendant Ben who tells us: “I never really fail at much stuff.”

When Melissa tries to offer up some constructive criticism, he interrupts her and thankfully, she gives us hands down this season’s best quote: “I invite you to listen to us.” Ooooft.

Below we’re rounding up the best reactions to MasterChef Australia’s first episode of 2021. 

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