The First Look At Emma Thompson As Miss Trunchbull In ‘Matilda’ Is, Well, Confronting

The accuracy of it all.
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It’s been a long time since Miss Trunchbull entered our nightmares—force-fed chocolate mud cake notwithstanding—so it may come as a shock to see the iconic film recreated in 2022 with a whole new cast that’s just as hair-raising as its 1996 counterpart. 

Well, at least Trunchbull, played by queen Emma Thompson, definitely sparks the feeling. The remake’s production company, Netflix, has dropped several important details about the upcoming film—including a trailer and new images revealing the characters. Suffice to say it’s made everyone do a double take. 

Below, everything we know about Netflix’s Matilda musical.

(Credit: Netflix)

What is Matilda the musical about?

Longtime fans of the original movie and Roald Dahl’s beloved book are well familiar with the plot, but for those just catching up, Matilda tells the story of a young girl of immense intelligence after growing up burying herself into books as a means to escape her family’s abhorrent mistreatment. 

When she finally starts school, she builds a sweet connection with her teacher, Miss Honey—but they both find themselves at the peril of the mean school principal, Ms. Trunchbull, whose mission it appears, is to make everyone elses lives miserable. 

Who has been cast in Matilda?

The talented singer, actor, and dancer Alisha Weir, aged 11, will play Matilda. The Irish actor previously starred in Don’t Leave Home and Darklands. 

Meanwhile Lashana Lynch will take on the role of Ms Honey—a beloved English actor, Lynch has previously ruled the screen in No Time To Die, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Captain Marvel. 

(Credit: Netflix)

Tackling the role of Miss Trunchbull is Emma Thompson, who, as you can see in the image below, has completely (and scarily accurately) transformed for the part. 

(Credit: Netflix)

Needless to say we’re convinced this film will be spot on—so naturally, we’re begging our next question…

When will Matilda be released?

It looks like the film has been earmarked for a December 2022 release, with Netflix’s latest trailer hinting that it was coming “this holiday season”. 

Stay tuned, we’ll update this story with more updates as they drop. 

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