Women Aren’t The Only Ones Faking Orgasms, Study Says

One in three men are faking the big O…

Just ask Meg Ryan – many women have known for ages that faking an orgasm can be an easy escape from the pressures of appearing satisfied during sex. But it seems her memorable moment faking it in When Harry Met Sally could have just as easily been performed by her male co-star. 

According to a shock new study, one in three men admit to pretending to climax during sex. While the figure is dwarfed by the seven out of ten women who say they’ve done the same, it may come as a surprise to many. 

The women surveyed said they mostly did it because lovemaking was taking too long, because they didn’t want to offend their partner, or because the sex was boring, they weren’t in the mood, they were too tired or too drunk.

Meanwhile, men said they usually faked it to preserve their partner’s feelings, or because they’d drunk too much. 

Men were three times more likely to report faking it with an established partner than a new fling. Confirming most women’s suspicions, only 12 per cent of men claimed faking it was easy. 

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