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5 Ways To Create A Killer Political Campaign

Follow these rules for campaign success

Women make up half the Australian population but only a third of the politicians elected to represent us. There’s only one way to redress the balance: more of us need to run for office.

Jess McColl, director of Campaigns & Communications for the Australian Greens, shares her top tips for creating a killer political campaign. 

1. Connecting with People is Critical

That means listening to what they have to say, rather than just telling them what you think. Take the time to understand what people care about and demonstrate that you are motivated to do something about the issues that really concern your voters.

2. The most important ingredient for a great campaign is having a clear reason to run (why you? Why now?) that responds to the concerns that people in the community clearly face. You shouldn’t feel like you need to have all the answers but people will want to know you’ve got good ideas, not just three-word slogans.

3. Campaigning is a team sport

You don’t need lots of money or ashy advertising if you have a team who share your passion and are willing to help you get your message out.

4. A good campaign combines an online presence and social media with being present in the community by attending community events, holding street stalls and knocking on doors.

5. Buzz will come when people feel excited by the change you are promising to create. Don’t be afraid to ask if respected community members will attend your events, or share information about your campaign to their own network.

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