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Kris Jenner Is Advertising For A New Assistant

Starts furiously updating CV

If you were looking for a next level career move, all you’ve got to do is swipe right for a job that’ll have you living like a Kardashian. 

*Thee* Kris Jenner, AKA momager arguably the best of the Kardashian-clan, has just announced on her Instagram that she’s looking for a new assistant.

Not only that, but she’s looking for one on Bumble. Yes, the dating app which just took on the world of job advertising with Bumble Bizz.

We don’t know about you but we’ve got our phones out and are swiping like crazy. 

The reason Kris is choosing to use a dating app to look for an assistant? Kris told Bumble Bizz that what made her chose the platform was the fact that, “Bumble Bizz takes the ‘women make the first move’ concept and focuses on female empowerment and opportunity in the professional space.”

According to Bumble’s announcement, Kris is looking for someone to “Work directly with her on daily scheduling and organisational tasks and, without a doubt, benefit from a once-in-a-lifetime mentorship.”

Aside from that, you can only assume you’ll have a front-row seat to any Kardashian drama and KJ antics. Not only that, but you get to plan and attend any iconic parties that Kris throws.

Be quick applications close on May 18th. 

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