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How These Sisters Founded Australia’s Most Instagrammable Wine Brand

You've probably already spotted their pretty-in-pink feed

Now more than ever, we as consumers are acutely aware of where our products are coming from – whether it be our favourite fashion labels and beauty brands, or even what we choose to drink. From sustainability practices to giving back and who exactly is behind what we’re buying, making an active choice of where you choose to spend your money has never been more prevalent. In comes, the Mo Sisters wine, a modern brand founded by Australian sisters who have quickly turned their investment in a vineyard into Instagram’s favourite wine.

You’ve probably already come across their curated feed, mixing artful flat lays of rosé with daring fashion and enviable picnic settings. But, it was not an easy climb to where the sisters are now, as one of the sister co-founders Lauren Moularadellis points out to marie claire. Originally starting as a jewellery venture, the sisters turned their attention to what they knew best as third-generation vignerons, merging their love of fashion and social media savvy with ease. Here, she shares how they merged their favourite things together to create the lust-worthy (and delicious) drips that have already reached cult status. And yes, you can get them delivered right to your door.

How Did The Mo Sisters Journey Start? 

My sisters and I really wanted to start a business together when we were younger; we would always be brainstorming product ideas and possible distributions formats. We soon landed on launching a jewellery line together, which we called Mo Sisters the Label. The name was a nickname coined to us in school, with the ”Mo” derived from our last name, which is quite long and difficult!

What Made You Jump From Jewellery Into Wine? 

Our family’s winery was very connected to our home life, with dinner conversations often centred around blending techniques and vineyard updates, so we soon became very interested in starting our own venture in wine. Our dad came to us with a vineyard opportunity, and then Mo Sisters, the wine label, was born.

Do You Think Wine Consumers Are More Aware Than Ever? 

Absolutely! Instagram and other platforms have made it so much easier for wine to be more accessible! Before being so connected, the process to actively seek information on new wine brands or keeping up to date with brands you already knew, was so much more difficult. Compared with how we can now announce a new vintage on a post, and then immediately chat with those sending us messages about tasting notes or any other question.

We look to other industries such as beauty or fashion and see the trends that consumers want to know more about the origin of a brand or who is behind the day-to-day activity. I think this translates to wine brands, as greater transparency in every aspect of a brand becomes more and more relevant. Especially with incredible movements happening today, it is so vital that all brands are in actively working to be in alignment these social values. 

What Does The Current Mo Sisters Range Consist Of? 

As its winter, we have focused on our red varietals, and we have designed the collection to be the ultimate reds for every occasion. Our Red Blend is the perfect lighter red that has these amazing violet undertones, which make it ideal for after-work drinks with friends. Our Cabernet Sauvignon has these deeper berry tones, which come from our Coonawarra Vineyard, which is the best region in Australia for that varietal. We have also launched our limited edition Barossa Shiraz – probably my favourite at the minute, perfect for cosy nights. We also have some details regarding our 2020 White and Rosé launches coming very soon.

What Was The First Product The Mo Sisters Ever Launched? 

We launched initially with our Chardonnay, Red Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon with the thinking we would change up the varietals each vintage…but everyone has loved them so much they are now our core range. 

How Does Instagram Play A Big Part In Your Brand? 

Instagram has been a pretty fundamental part of our brand – which seems to be the trend for most people today. As a brand, our community is our number one focus. Instagram is so much more than just sharing flat-lays, it’s the conversations we have after we have posted a story sharing how our grapes are grown, or someone reaches out over DMs to say they poured Mo Sisters at their bridal shower and everyone loved it. 

How Do You Think Your Family History Influenced Your Own Brand? 

Wine is so entrenched in my family’s story, with my grandparents on both sides immigrating to Australia and setting up vineyards, in which they built their lives around. My dad then started our family’s winery, in which he grew to make wines that reach all over the world. I feel so grateful that I get the opportunity to continue building upon our family’s story in wine. 

What’s Next For The Mo Sisters This Year? 

We have some very exciting announcements coming up very soon regarding our 2020 vintage release. The wines from this year are stunning, after a longer, cooler ripening period, we will see some gorgeous floral notes come through. Mo Sisters will continue to be sold both here in Australia, but also in the US. We can’t wait to keep developing our online wine delivery service so that you can keep sharing wine with those closest to you. 

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