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What it’s really like to work for Victoria Beckham

The designer talks office culture

Victoria Beckham has shared insight into the daily management of her business and how she strives to empower her team as a boss and balance time with her famous family.

In a Facebook Live interview with The Sunday Times, Beckham commented on what it’s like working for her brand.

“It’s about empowering your team. Yes it’s about being firm but it’s also about allowing people to feel free, especially when you work in a creative industry. If you empower people and make them feel like the best version of themselves, that’s how people give you their best work,” she says of her management mojo.

“Working in fashion is not a clock in clock out type of industry and the work and the passion that my team give me is fantastic. It’s my job as the boss, if you like,  to bring that out in people but I never say people work for me I say that we work together, because it’s important to be collaborative,” she says.

“My business is my passion, it’s what I’ve always dreamed of. I truly believe if you work hard enough and you dream big enough, there are no limits to what you can achieve,” Beckham said.

Where many industries have disproportionate gender dynamics in terms of leadership roles, Beckham is proud of her largely female staff, with women making up 79 per cent of the company and 80 per cent of her senior management team.

“For me it’s not about whether someone is male or female,” she explained.

“It’s about getting the best person for the job and I have a great team, lots of very strong, powerful, very intelligent women and that’s who I want to surround myself with. I want to learn and be around people who inspire me.”

“I have a whole team of working mums, working with me and we do have to be home to feed the kids and put the kids in the bath and put the kids in bed so its really about focusing your time and managing your time. We don’t have the luxury of wasting time and I think that’s something that’s great about women.”

 She also embraces traditional ideas of femininity whilst being tough, applying this to her family life as well as her job.

“It’s about getting the balance. You have to be soft because you are a woman, but then you have to be firm to command that respect.” she says.


Watch the full interview here.

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