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Working Overtime? This Is How Many Days You’re Working For Free

It will shock you.

Although you might convince yourself that working extra hours here and there doesn’t have a huge impact on your life, a new study proves otherwise.

A recent survey by looked at 2,000 different workers and found that on average, employees who are putting in overtime hours are working 66 extra days a year. So that’s pretty much from the start of the year until now.

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Which leaves us feeling a little like this:

Interestingly, the survey also found that men were more likely to be paid for their overtime hours, with 65% of men being paid for the extra work compared to 30% of all women.

In England, where the survey was conducted, the average worker did an extra 8.4 hours per week above contracted hours, which of course is more than a full contracted work day. 

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The industries that did the most overtime included publishing and journalism at the top (dammit!), and the environment and agriculture industry second. Next was hospitality and events management, followed by workers in energy and utilities companies.

At the bottom of the list was property and construction.

Maybe it’s time for a chat to your boss?

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