It Would Cost You Over Seven Figures To Own Monica’s Apartment From ‘Friends’ Today

And yes, the price tag comes with an Ugly Naked Guy clause.

Aside from the six main cast members on the cult-favourite sitcom Friends, Monica’s apartment is certainly be regarded by fans as the seventh protagonist. 

The fictional Manhattan apartment has been coveted since the show’s launch in the 90s as one of the most beloved New York architectural icons (complete with Carrie Bradshaw’s Brownstone and Serena Van Der Woodsen’s loft) thanks to it’s outrageous styling and equally outrageous events that take place inside it. 

Even from the pilot, the two bedroom flat in the enviable Greenwich Village neighbourhood suburb has earned its place in pop-culture history in part because of its iconic purple walls, empty frame keyhole detail and enormous size.

One of the most comedic elements of the show was the fact that Monica (a chef) and Rachel (part-time waitress and fashion buyer) were even able to afford the gigantic two-bedroom apartment, even if they did have to put up with annoying neighbours. 

Every millennial lusted over Monica’s purple walls.

Of course, wanting an apartment like Monica’s (complete with its New York address) has probably been a life-long aspiration for many a Friends fan, and as it turns out it’s more affordable than living in Sydney.

Indeed, luxury realtors LaJolla Realtors have revealed that the average cost of a two-bedroom, one bedroom in Manhattan would cost on average $2,000,000. Insert joke about putting down your vanilla oat milk latte or avocado toast here.

Interestingly, Monica’s flat would cost over a million dollars more than Carrie’s Upper East Side flat and $450,000 less than the iconic Surrey cottage from The Holiday.

Monica’s apartment from ‘Friends’ comes with a $2,000,00 price tag. (Credit: Source: Getty)

If the fact that Monica’s apartment would cost only $400,000 then a five meter wide dilapidated brick rundown in Camperdown isn’t enough to make you feel bad about your mortgage then we don’t know what will.

The only thing that is left to figure out is whether Monica’s apartment will come with an Ugly Naked Guy clause.

Regardless, we’re booking out flights to New York as we speak…

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