The addictive new podcast you need to listen to next

A real-life scandal revisited...

True story; check. Scandalous plotline; check. Engaging host; check.

Season 2 of Slate’s Slow Burn has all the makings of a great podcast – particularly in a post #MeToo world.

Hosted by reporter Leon Neyfakh, the eight-part series rewinds back to 1998 and does a deep-dive into one of America’s biggest-ever political storms: the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton affair.

Neyfakh leaves no stone unturned as he reexamines and unpicks the saga, but what makes the story so compelling are its eerie parallels with the present. While Lewinsky’s life was destroyed following the scandal, what might have been her fate if it had unfolded two decades later, in the age of #MeToo?

Intrigued? Consider this must-listen content.

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