This Company Will Send Baking Every Month Before You Get Your Period

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Period-tracking apps are no new thing, but period-tracking apps that deliver freshly baked goods straight to your door in your time of need? Genius. 

Moon Cycle Bakery is the new Kickstarter funded company which aims to ease your PMS with treat-filled care packages just before your period is due. 

On their website, Moon Cycle Bakery say the company was founded with a simple mission: “to help individuals redefine their ‘time of the month.'”

“We want your Moon Cycle treat to serve as a quiet reminder for you to celebrate the art of being a woman, rather than wish it away. Because at the end of the day, you deserve to rest, replenish, and recognise the moon dust that lives inside of your bones.”

The treats are said to be both healthy and delicious and, through the app, there are options to customise your monthly order, track your period, skip a month (free of charge), and make one-time orders. 

Currently, it looks like Moon Cycle Bakery only ships to the US, but here’s hoping for global expansion in the near future.

Who else is craving brownie now?

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