This Is The Most Popular Coffee Order Across Sydney

Decaf need not apply

As anyone who’s ever ordered an extra hot weak latte with almond milk will tell you, barista judgment is real. So when app Hey You shared their data on the most popular coffee orders across Sydney, our curiosity was piqued.

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But if you clicked on this article hoping to feel better about your outrageous coffee requirements, bad news: it turns out the most common order is just a standard flat white.

According to Pedestrian, flat whites made with full cream milk are the most popular order across Sydney, with the exception of the Shire, where they prefer cappuccinos.

Unsurprisingly, soy milk overtakes dairy in the inner west, while eastern suburbs sippers have a penchant for macadamia, almond and coconut.

most popular coffee orders sydney

As far as price goes, Family Travel reports that the CBD is actually the cheapest place to pick up your caffeine hit, with the average coffee setting you back $3.70. This skyrockets to $4.05 in the inner west and eastern suburbs, which are the most expensive places to indulge.

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