This Bride’s Mother-In-Law Wore A Wedding Gown To Her Wedding – And The Picture Has Gone Viral

Oh. My. God.

This week, Jimmy Fallon put out a call on Twitter for people to share their biggest wedding fails for a chance to have their story featured on the Tonight Show. As can be expected, the fails trawled in with many sharing memories of grooms forgetting their vows, to falls during the first dance and embarrassing in-laws stealing the spotlight.

But Amy Pennza’s story has taken the Internet by storm, and not for the reasons you’d hope. She wrote to Twitter, “My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter. #weddingfail

Pennza explains: “On the day of my wedding, I was getting ready in a little chamber at the church with my bridal party. Then my mother-in-law walked in, wearing a wedding dress. I remember saying, ‘You could be the bride!’ She cringed a little, and knew at that moment she’d made an error.

“I talked about it a bit with my bridesmaids, but then I didn’t think about it for the rest of the day, because I was in a fog. Luckily, none of the guests brought it up to me (though I’m sure they talked about it among themselves). There wasn’t a big, screeching moment of “What?!” So it didn’t even register until a few days later.”

Luckily, there was no ill will in her mother-in-law’s intentions. 

“Because to know my mother-in-law is to know that there is zero malice in her heart—the woman just can’t resist a sale (and the dress was significantly marked down).”

Understandably, Twitter saw the humour.

Amy also shared a conclusion to the story. 

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