Nadia Bartell Threw Her Son The Most Incredible 1st Birthday party

You HAVE to see the balloon wall

These days, in the age of Instagram, it’s not only weddings, engagement parties and major milestone birthday parties that have become bigger than Ben Hur, so too have children’s birthday parties.

In the endless quest to gain likes on Instagram, people throw lavish events trying to out do the last.

Well, Nadia and Jimmy Bartell definitely achieved that when they threw a party to celebrate their son Aston’s first birthday.

But, while sadly there was no fairy bread (that we could see) there was THE MOST INCREDIBLE BALLOON WALL YOU EVER DID SEE.

Seriously, this would make the most amazing backdrop for a wedding, let alone a kids party!

And it seemed the youngster approved of the colourful styling.

“Our boy #astonjames loves balloons,” Nadia wrote on Instagram alongside pics of the toddler playing with the installastion.

“Kept him happy all day long! In his element”.

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