Nancy Meyers’ Star-Studded Netflix Film Has Been Shut Down Before It Even Began

Well there goes that kitchen…

When news that feel-good rom-com maven, Nancy Meyers, was getting back behind the camera and planning on directing her first film in seven years we were overjoyed. The kitchens! The coastal grandmother aesthetic!

But as it turns out, there may be trouble in paradise with the reported $130 million dollar production already shut down by Netflix. If something’s gotta give, please don’t let it be this film. Our serotonin levels are relying on it.

Below, everything we know about Meyers’ potential return to the small screen, including the rumoured cast—who may or may not be out of a job—and the reported reason why the project has been shelved.

Nancy Meyers directing Kate Winslet and Jack Black in ‘The Holiday’ (Credit: Source: @nmeyers)

Is Nancy Meyers Making The Upcoming Film ‘Paris Project’?

With Meyers synonymous with effervescent romantic comedies—a cinematic genre that has certainly been underrepresented in recent years—we were overjoyed to hear that she was gearing up to return to her rightful perch in the director’s chair.

In April 2022, Deadline reported that the 73-year-old director struck a deal with streaming giant Netflix to write, produce and direct an ensemble romantic comedy.

The production was referred to in the press as ‘Paris Project’, but there is no telling as to whether that was a working title or a secret code name.

Eitherway, it set our imaginations alight with the possibilities of Meyers taking her inimitable coastal Americana aesthetic to the Haussmann style of Paris.

Who Was Slated To Appear In Nancy Meyers Film ‘Paris Project’?

Just like Meyer’s penchant for a perfectly curated Hamptons-style kitchen, the director’s casting choices are incomparable.

We needn’t read through a roll call of her past collaborators (you only need to look to her filmography for that), but as per reports from The Hollywood Reporter, the ensemble cast was set to bestar studded.

According to reports, Scarlett Johansson was set to nab the leading role, with other Hollywood heavyweights like Penélope Cruz, Owen Wilson and Michael Fassbender rumoured to be involved.

Scarlett Johansson was slated to appear as the lead in Meyers’ new film. (Credit: Source: Getty)

What Was The Plot of ‘Paris Project’?

So far only The Hollywood Reporter has reported on the film’s potential plot line. According to the publication the film “would have centred on a young writer-director who falls in love with a producer”.

Read the full plot below:

“The pair make several successful films before breaking up, both romantically and professionally. They are forced back together when a new, great project arises, and they find themselves having to deal with high stakes and volatile stars.”

Why Has Nancy Meyers’ Film With Netflix Been Scrapped?

Sadly, it seems that the film has shut down before it even began.

As per The Hollywood Reporter’s source, the deal between Meyers and Netflix could not come to fruition because they could not broker an arrangement around the budget.

The publication reports that Meyers was hoping for a budget of $150 million, with Netflix wanting to keep the budget under $130 million.

They also reported that Netflix was the one to shut down the production.


With movies like The Parent Trap, The Holiday and Something’s Gotta Give under her belt, we wonder if Nancy will be looking to another production company to fund this future cult-classic.

But in the words of Julia Roberts’ iconic Pretty Woman character Vivienne, Netflix has just made a big mistake. Huge.

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