Naomi Campbell’s Exact Diet And Exercise Routine

AKA: How she's managed to reverse the ageing process

As far as supermodels go, Naomi Campbell redefines the term ‘ageless’—and her radiant appearance is likely a by-product of her wholesome approach to dieting, exercise and wellness.

The 50-year-old has always amazed fans with her youthful visage, but on January 17, 2019, the supermodel attended the Louis Vuitton autumn/winter ’19 show looking particularly ageless.


Campbell wore her hair in a stunning Afro, but it was her glowing, smooth face that left fans around the world wanting to know exactly how she does it. Unsurprisingly, she’s something of a wellness junkie and has plenty of trusted wellness tips that help maintain her world-famous figure, glossy skin, and all-round classic beauty.

Here’s how she does it.

What Is Naomi Campbell’s Diet? 

After rising at 5am, Campbell starts off her day as healthily as she can—which unfortunately means no coffee.

In a 2014 interview with Harper’s BAZAAR US, Campbell said: “The first thing I do [in the morning] is have hot water with lemon and pro-biotics. I’ve never drunk coffee; I don’t like the smell. I’m a tea drinker. If I need it I will have one cup of green tea. I’m into herbal tea.”

In the same interview, Campbell admitted that she’s vegetarian, and that the diet change has made her feel worlds better. She said: “I never thought I would [go vegetarian]. It was just something I decided to do. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but I just feel lighter and easier.”

Whether you think you could commit to a vegetarian diet or not, there are undeniable health benefits to abstaining from meat, even for a short amount of time. Cutting down your meat intake can lead to lower cholesterol levels and a smaller chance of intestinal problems or heart disease, if you’re making sure you have enough iron, B6 and B12 in your diet.


While many of us count sugar as a vice, Campbell avoids it almost completely. She told W Magazine in 2016: “I take care of myself, eat well, try to balance what I put in my body. I stay away from sugar and drink lots of water.” Instead of opting for easily accessible snacks, Campbell told BAZAAR US that she downs green smoothies for a natural energy boost, saying: “I have probably two or three green juices a day.”

But don’t think Campbell lives completely cleanly. After she was criticised for undergoing a 12-day juice cleanse before a 2013 fashion show, she told British magazine The Edit: “I’m not extreme about what I eat—I let chocolate and crisps come in. You just have to allow the little things that make you happy.”

What Is Naomi Campbell’s Exercise And Wellness Routine? 

Aside from her diet, Campbell’s love of working out is a reason for her perpetual agelessness—especially her dedication to yoga and pilates.

Like Charlize Theron and fellow supermodel Christy Turlington, Campbell tries to incorporate yoga into every day, and has showed off her incredible yoga skills on her Instagram account. On her love for Pilates, Campbell told W Magazine: “I don’t lift weights. I like working with the resistance of my own body weight.”

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