This Knitted Weighted Blanket Has Been A God-Send For Winter

The calming effect is real.

As someone who has struggled with mild to moderate anxiety most of my life, the concept of a weighted blanket has always intrigued me. I’ve tried them before, but at the time they were new in the Australian market, and the one I trialled was good, but it was quite small and I felt like the beads inside moved around too much to make it super effective. Then I read about the Neptune blankets.

Specifically, the Neptune Knitted Weighted Blanket.

What Is The Neptune Knitted Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is basically a heavy throw designed to add weight to your body, kind of like a hug. It’s supposed to help with sleep, anxiety, and restlessness.

The Neptune knitted weighted blanket that I tried is designed to be more chic than your regular weighted blankets, which often have that fuzzy overlay that doesn’t always work back with your lounge room aesthetic. Here’s the knitted version:

neptune blanket

See? It looks almost like a normal throw you’d have on your couch. 

Secondly, the benefit of the Neptune knitted weighted blanket is that the weight is evenly distributed and is not via glass beads like many weighted blankets, it’s more like weighty material. According to the Neptune Blanket site, it does not provide “Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation” – which is a more intensive version and can be found in their full weighted blankets here.

What Is The Neptune Knitted Blanket Like?

What I loved (aside from how it looks in my lounge room, and how it’s easy to distribute the weight) is that the Neptune knitted blanket is stretchy. I could easily get it to cover my whole body thanks to the big knit design. 

It also definitely helps my anxiety, although not to the level of, say, a walk in the sun or meditating. Still, when I’ve felt mildly anxious or just a bit off thanks to the dark winter days and current lockdown situation in Sydney, it’s a nice addition to throw the weighted blanket on while watching TV or reading. It has a calming effect, but more when I’m just feeling a bit sad/depressed and restless due to mild anxiety. When I’ve had moderate anxiety or panic, it’s not as effective.

I don’t use it for sleep because I sleep pretty well. But I’ve had a nap while it’s been on me so maybe there’s something in that?

neptune blanket

How Much Does The Neptune Knitted Blanket Cost?

Okay, it’s not cheap. $399 of not-cheap, actually. That being said, it feels very durable – it’s a blend of cotton and polyester, and feels very well-made. 

Neptune Blankets also has a sale on right now (at the time of writing this article) and have sales regularly.

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