Netflix Refuses To Put A Disclaimer On ‘The Crown’ Citing It As Fiction

They "see no need" to include a warning

After facing criticism for the royal family’s depiction on The Crown, where fans urged them to include a disclaimer calling the show a work of fiction,  Netflix has officially confirmed that they will not be taking the suggestion on board.

In a statement issued to Deadline, the streaming service wrote that they didn’t feel the addition was necessary. “We have always presented The Crown as a drama—and we have every confidence our members understand that it’s a work of fiction that’s broadly based on historical events,” they said.

“As a result, we have no plans—and see no need—to add a disclaimer.”

Though the show has always garnered controversy with its depiction of the royal family, the latest season—which details the dissolution of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage—has attracted an immense amount of attention.

the queen the crown season four netflix

Touching on historic scandals such as Princess Anne’s affair with her married bodyguard and Princess Diana’s struggles with bulimia and turbulent relationship with Prince Charles, season four has been a whirlwind of royal drama.

With many viewers in shock over some of the series’ plot lines, believing it to be an accurate recount of what took place in real life, the UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden and even one of the show’s stars, Helena Bonham Carter, have publicly criticised the show for not being more forthcoming about where creative license has been used.

Dowden, argued that The Crown should be “very clear at the beginning” that it’s a “beautifully produced work of fiction.” He also revealed his plans to write to Netflix amid mounting concerns that the royal family’s reputation is being soiled by fictionalised scenes in the show.

Bonham Carter even said that the show had a “moral responsibility” to label itself as fiction. 

See what Prince William had to say about the show’s latest season here.

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