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Helena Bonham Carter Once Had A Sleepover With The Queen

These royal encounters get wilder by the day
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Helena Bonham Carter is currently portraying Princess Margaret in seasons three and four of hit Netflix drama The Crown, a role which has brought to light more than a few odd encounters the British actress has had with the real-life royal family.

Not only did Bonham Carter attempt to enlist Prince William to be her child’s godfather while she was drunk (he said no), but she contacted the late Princess Margaret via a seance to ask whether she was fine with her playing the role (she said yes).

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Just when you thought we were out of royal stories from both Bonham Carter and her co-star Olivia Colman, who plays Queen Elizabeth II (and who had an awkward run-in with Prince William herself), Bonham Carter has revealed she once had a sleepover with HRH.


In an interview with, Bonham Carter revealed that six years ago she slept over at Windsor Castle with a group of people, including her ex-husband Tim Burton, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz.

“I think The Queen has about 10 of them a year so she can meet certain people,” Bonham Carter explained, saying that she stayed in what is dubbed the ‘Prince Charles Suite.’

“It was a thrill and you really felt like you were in The Crown”, she said. “And I remember there was a lady standing by the door, and she just carried on standing there,” she continued.

“And we went to the toilet, came back, and all our bags had been unpacked automatically. I said to her, ‘Are you all right?’ and she said, ‘I’ll just be remaining here. Do you want your bath to be drawn? Will you be wanting tea in the morning?’ It was amazing. It was really surreal.”

Bonham Carter revealed that at dinner with the Queen, she was seated by Prince Philip who was, just as he’s portrayed in the show, “very mischievous.”

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