‘Veronica’ Is Being Called The Scariest Movie On Netflix Right Now

It's based on a terrifying true story

If you were brave enough to sit through A Quiet Place and are looking for the next horror film to watch through parted fingers, Netflix has you covered. 

Veronica, a Spanish horror film that is based on a terrifying true story, is being called the scariest thing on Netflix right now. 

From Spanish horror master Paco Plaza, Veronica tells the story of a 15-year-old Catholic school girl who holds a séance with her friends on the night of a solar eclipse. And while she attempts to speak to her dead father, she comes into contact with a much more sinister force.

It’s been billed as Spain’s answer to The Conjuring and rightly so—audiences and critics are scared out of their wits. 

See the trailer for Veronica and don’t watch it while home alone with the lights off unless you’re planning to never sleep again.

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