Netflix’s ‘Say I Do’ Is Billed To Be The ‘Queer Eye’ Of Wedding Shows

Bring on the happy tears!

If you’ve already binge-watched the latest season of Queer Eye, and are looking for your next wholesome watch, Netflix’s Say I Do is sure to deliver.

A romance reality show, the series differs from most typical reality dating shows that have taken over our screens. The series follows long-term couples who are ready for the next big step: marriage. Each couple that features on the show, have already planned on getting married, but for differing reasons, haven’t been able to.
Say I Do

Working with three experts to plan a perfect proposal, one member of the couple will then work with the experts to put together the couple’s dream wedding. Throughout the series, a diverse range of couples will share their love story and how they got to be where they are today.

Say I Do‘s format is somewhat similar to that of Queer Eye‘s, even sharing an executive producer and series creator David Collins. A trio of experts will use their specific expertise to help each couple achieve the perfect proposal and wedding, in only one week. Jeremiah Brent, will cover design, Thai Nguyen will handle fashion and Gabriele Bertaccini is their resident food expert.
Say I Do
Rather than the manufactured drama of dating shows, Say I Do looks to be the light, bright and heartfelt television we’ve all been searching for.

The first season of Say I Do is available to stream on Netflix on July 1.

Interested? Take a look at the tear-jerking trailer below:

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