Netflix’s ‘Skin Decision’ Is The Empowering, Body-Positive Series That’s About Much More Than Cosmetic Surgery

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Despite the rising popularity of plastic surgery, it is still largely looked down upon in today’s culture. However, Netflix’s latest addition looks to be changing how we look at cosmetic surgery.

Skin Decision: Before And After is one of few series to put an end to the stigma surrounding plastic surgery, by treating it with the care that is typically reserved for other, more conventional, medical issues.

While elective procedures are and always will be a personal choice that only the individuals can make, the series helps their clients boost their confidence and quality of life, making them feel more empowered than ever before in the process.

Intrigued? Keep reading for everything you need to know about the show, from the plot to where you can stream it in Australia.

What Is The Plot Of Skin Decision: Before And After?

Initially, Skin Decision may feel like just another makeover show, which each episode featuring two different subjects with a specific ailment that they’d like to change about themselves. However, throughout the show, both experts touch on both inner and outer beauty—making the transformations about more than just physical looks, but also the quality of life. 

After introducing each client’s story, the client will meet with two experts: Dr. Sheila Nazarian, a certified plastic surgeon, and Nurse Jamie Sherrill, a skin-care expert and registered nurse. The experts will meet with the subjects, then debate whether the person is a better candidate for a surgical procedure, performed by Nazarian, or a series of nonsurgical treatments—like lasers and fillers—done by Nurse Jamie. 

Skin Decision: Before and After
(Credit: Netflix)

While those seeking plastic surgery should never feel obliged to justify their decision, the stories that are shared on Skin Decision are emotional, powerful, and in some cases, shocking. Many subjects on the show have survived tragic incidents that have left them with major scarring or disfigurement. However, regardless of the reason, the series treats each patient with the same amount of care. 

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Who Are The Experts In Skin Decisions: Before And After?

Aside from the inspiring patients we meet on the series, Skin Decision‘s two experts are just as fascinating. First, we’re introduced to Dr. Sheila Nazarian, a board-certified plastic surgeon, whose client list includes the likes of Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, Reese Witherspoon, Camila Mendes to name a few.

Alongside Nazarian is Nurse Jamie Sherrilla skin-care expert and registered nurse who works with celebrities like Lisa Rinna and most of the Kardashian family. 

Given that plastic and cosmetic surgery is typically a male-dominated field, it’s more than refreshing to see two successful women dominate the series.

Skin Decision: Before and After
(Credit: Netflix)

Where Can I Watch Skin Decisions: Before And After?

Want to see for yourself? You can catch the first season of Skin Decisions: Before And After in Australia on Netflix.

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