Nicole Kidman On Sexuality, Sensitivity And Soul

“I try to live a soulful, artistic life”
Victor Demarchelier

“I have a strong sense of sexuality. It’s a huge part of who I am and my existence,” says Nicole Kidman, in marie claire’s December cover story.

That sexuality was on full display in HBO’s hit series Big Little Lies, but off-screen Kidman’s sexuality also manifests in more innocent ways, such as when she sees her husband Keith Urban – who crashes our interview at Noshville Delicatessen in Nashville, where the couple have lived since they married in 2006.

“Excuse me,” Urban says, approaching the booth. “Can I clear these dishes for you?” Kidman beams and pulls him down next to her.

They eat here often enough that the burgundy-haired hostess, Linda, barely bats and eye when they enter but can’t help exhaling dreamily when they leave: “I could stare at him all day long. He’s just the most beautiful man.”

Kidman says she and “most beautiful man” Urban live a quiet life in Nashville with their two daughters, Sunday Rose, 10, and Faith Margaret, seven. “I try to live a soulful, artistic life. [That means] trying to raise my daughters in a really conscious, present way. Time becomes so precious as you get older.

For Kidman, 51, that means signing on to projects that resonate deeply, including the upcoming gay-conversion film Boy Erased and the blockbuster Aquaman. “I feel probably more now than I ever have. I’m incredibly sensitive to the world and to the way in which we’re all navigating together as people. Artistically, I love to make statements,” she says.

Read more in the November issue of marie claire starring Nicole Kidman – out Thursday.

(Credit: Victor Demarchelier)

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