Paul Mescal And Daisy Edgar-Jones Have So Much Chemistry In This ‘Normal People’ Blooper

Marianne and Connell!
normal people

Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones, the stars of Sally Rooney’s Normal People TV adaptation, stole our hearts as the complicated Marianne and Connell. Their chemistry and portrayal as the characters we first fell in love in on the page were perfectly translated to screen and three months on from when the series dropped, we’re now left with a Normal People sized hole in our viewing schedules. 

Luckily, Hulu heard our cries releasing a blooper reel of Mescal and Edgar-Jones filming a promotional video for the season. It’s too cute! 

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In the video, the two actors are filming to promote the season, and while Edgar-Jones manages to fly threw her lines, Mescal gets tongue-tied and can’t stop laughing. “You threw me under the bus! Now I’m going red,” he tells her. 

Watch the sweet clip below: 

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