Paul Mescal Just Revealed What Happened To Connell’s Chain And It’s Devastating

The whole world has been enthralled by the tiny silver necklace

Just when we were all in the throes of passion brought on by Connel’s chain, Paul Mescal, aka Connel IRL, has dealt us a devastating blow: he lost the chain.

Speaking to Variety, the actor revealed he actually gave it to his Normal People co-star Daisy as a wrap gift (let’s just stop for a moment here, it is such a Connel thing to do, don’t you think?), before it was lost during a photoshoot.

He explained, ‘I gave it to Daisy and I’m not going to blame her for losing it! I gave it to her as a wrap gift with photographs at the end of filming. We then came back to shoot the poster for the show and I had to wear it and it got lost in all the costumes and stuff.

But, don’t you worry, there is a happy ending, because it was eventually found, phew! Paul said, ‘it was found eventually and I think Daisy has it now. You can call off the search party!’

The actor also said he couldn’t possibly have foreseen becoming a sex symbol and how powerful the chain would be.

‘It’s like Harry Potter, the wand chooses you! […] It wasn’t there in the first fitting… then when I came back there was a selection of different ones and that one seemed right because it’s simple but it’s also a statement that I don’t think Connell knows he is making.’

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

This article originally appeared on marie claire UK.

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