They’ve Changed The Recipe For Nutella And We Are Not Okay

This is outrageous

Brace yourselves: Ferrero have gone and changed the recipe for Nutella without consulting any of us.

After dedicated Nutella consumers in Germany noticed the taste and texture of everyone’s favourite choc-hazelnut spread appeared to have been altered, the brand confirmed their dastardly work on Twitter, the Washington Post reports.

Their “fine-tuning” of the recipe involves upping the skim milk and sugar content: the new Nutella contains 8.7% powdered skim milk and 56.3% sugar, where as the original recipe contained 7.5% skim milk and 55.9% sugar.

“As the colour of the new Nutella is lighter, we are working on the assumption that skimmed milk powder was added at the expense of cacao,” the Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre said in a statement.

But Ferrero insists the changes aren’t negative. “the quality… and all other aspects of Nutella remain the same,” they said in a statement, Sky News reports.

It’s going to take a lot of Nutella on toast for us to be the judge of that.

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