Where To Watch Lily James & Sebastian Stan’s Incredible Transformations In ‘Pam & Tommy’

The limited-run series is coming to Australia.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s love story is like no other.

After all, how many people can say they tied the knot 96 hours into their second date, made a sex tape on their honeymoon and then had that tape stolen from a safe in their house to then be distributed for the world to see? We’re going to guess very few.

So, it’s unsurprising the couple’s turbulent tale has been given the Hollywood treatment in new Hulu-made show, Pam & Tommy.

Since casting Lily James as Pamela and Sebastian Stan as Tommy, hype around the limited-run series has only increased. And when the first photos of the incredible transformations of Lily and Sebastian in character dropped, the obsession was cemented.

Scroll on for all the details about Pam & Tommy’s real-life romance, the series and where to watch it in Australia.

(Credit: Hulu)

Where to watch ‘Pam & Tommy’ in Australia

Pam & Tommy will be available to watch on Disney+ in Australia from February 2nd.

You can sign up to stream the show on Disney+, here.


What is the plot of ‘Pam & Tommy’?

The series centres on the relationship between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, who met on New Year’s Eve in 1994.

Just six weeks later, the Playboy cover girl-turned-Baywatch actress and Mötley Crüe drummer met up in Mexico and 96-hours into their trip tied the knot.

It’s what came after, however, that drives the drama-fuelled narrative of Pam & Tommy.

(Credit: Hulu)

Shortly after marrying, the couple was having work done on their Malibu home, but unhappy with the result, they fired the electrician, Rand Gauthier, and refused to pay him.

In an act of revenge, Gauthier broke into the mansion and stole the couple’s safe, which unknowingly to him, contained a sex tape they had filmed together.

After discovering the explicit video, Gauthier—who also worked in the porn industry—made copies of the tape and sold them online. It took two years for the footage to go viral, but when it finally took off, it made an estimated US$77 million.

You can watch the trailer for Pam & Tommy below and sign up to Disney+ to stream the entire series from February 2nd, here, because you’re not going to want to miss it.

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