This Is Why Paris Hilton Used A Surrogate 

The socialite opens up about her pregnancy fears.

Paris Hilton is now the mother of two children—a baby girl called London and a young son called Phoenix.   

The O.G socialite shared the news of her daughter’s birth Instagram with a sweet picture of a pink onesie with the name ‘London’ written on it. 

She shares both children with husband, Carter Reum. 

Paris Hilton's baby London
Paris Hilton announced the birth of her daughter with this Instagram post.

Back in January, Paris also announced Phoenix’s birth on social media.

To announce that she and Carter welcomed a boy into the world, the star surprised fans by posting an image of herself holding her bundle of joys hand.

“You are already loved beyond words 💙,” the socialite and entrepreneur wrote on social media. 

Not long after the announcement, we got our first look of the baby boy. Courtesy of a magazine cover, no less. 

He might have only been one month old, but with Paris Hilton as his mother we’re weren’t surprised that his first foray into the glamorous world of the jet-set came this in his life.

Paris Hilton has welcomed a baby. (Credit: Source: @parishilton)


Why Did Paris Hilton Use A Surrogate?

As Paris Hilton was open about her IVF journey with Phoenix and never made a pregnancy announcement, many fans speculated that she welcomed the bub via surrogacy. 

This hunch was confirmed by People, revealing that they had undergone IVF treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

She joins the legions of celebrities, including her best friend Kim Kardashian, who have used this method to conceive. 

Phoenix’s arrival came over a year since her multi-million dollar wedding to entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Carter Reum. 

The pair wed in November 2021 in a star-studded Bel-Air ceremony. Soon after, the couple embarked on a seven-week sliving honeymoon (which she dubbed her “world tour”, where Paris revealed her desire for a large family. 

Shortly after London’s birth, Paris confirmed that her daughter had also been born via a surrogate. 

During an interview with Romper,  Paris revealed she opted for a surrogate because of trauma she experienced as a teenager at Utah’s Provo Canyon School for troubled youth. 

“If I’m in a doctor’s office, I get a shot, anything, I will literally have a panic attack and I can’t breathe,” she told the outlet. 

“I just knew that would not be healthy for me or the baby, growing inside of someone who has such high anxiety.”

Paris first alleged that she had been physically, sexually and emotionally abused at the school in 2020, when she claimed the school forced her to have non-consensual gynaecological examinations. 

The school has stated that they “do not condone or promote any form of abuse” and since they have been acquired by a new company, can not comment on prior “operations of student experience.” 

In February 2023, Paris spoke candidly about her pregnancy fears when she told Glamour, “I’m just so scared.” 

Paris continued, “leading back to Provo of even being in a doctor’s office, just all of that, the shots, the IVs that they put in.”

However, Paris also explained to Romper that her work was also a consideration. 

“My schedule is out of control,” Paris told the outlet, explaining that her days can be planned a year in advance. 

“There never would’ve been the right time to do it because there’s literally no time to do anything in my life,” she said.

Phoenix is Paris and Carter’s first child together. (Credit: Source: Getty)

As any fan of Paris’ would know, that wasn’t the first time she’s spoken about wanting to become a mother. 

Last year, marie claire Australia caught up with Paris herself, where she talked about how her parenting style would be very different from her own.

“My mom and dad were so strict, and I think when you’re so, so strict, it just makes your kids want to rebel,” she told us. 

“They wouldn’t let me go on a date, I couldn’t go to the school dance or go out, so I would sneak out, and because of that, I got sent away.

“So I think with my kids, I’m gonna probably be really strict, too, but not so strict. And I’ll just make them feel comfortable to talk to me and talk with them. I would never, ever send them away to any school. I would just keep them at home with me.”

Paris Hilton and Phoenix
Paris and Phoenix next to a Christmas tree lit up for London. (Credit: Instagram )

What Is The Meaning Behind The Name Phoenix Barron?

Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebrity baby name announcment if the star wasn’t taking the opportuntiy to also plug something, would it? In the caption for her baby name announcement, Paris used the post to also redirect fans to pre-order her upcoming memoir and listen to the latest episode of her podcast This Is Paris, for more intel. 

Thankfully for us, sources at the Daily Mail  obtained a copy of the memior, and have revealed exactly what Paris (allegedly) wrote about her son’s name in her autobiography. 

Read the full excerpt below:

“If all goes well, by the time you read this, Carter and I will have a baby boy,’ she began. ‘We plan to name him Phoenix, a name I that decided on years ago when I was searching cities, countries and states on a map, looking for something to go with Paris and London. Phoenix has a few good pop culture references points, but more important it’s the birth of flames out and then rises from the ashes to fly again.

“I want my son to grow up knowing that disaster and triumph go around and come around throughout our lives and that this should give us great hope for the future. Even when the past is painful and the present seems to have fallen to s**t, it’s weird how two ideas that are so different, so completely opposite, can coexist like that. But they do. Freedom and suffering, joy and sorrow, love and loss. So his name is Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum.

“And his middle name is Barron after my grandfather Barron Hilton, he was always my mentor and I looked up to my grandfather so much and we were so close and I miss him everyday so I really wanted to honor him by having his name in my first son’s name. So there you go, my beautiful baby boy’s name is Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum and Carter and I are so proud to welcome him into the world.”

Why Does Paris Hilton Name Her Children After Cities? 

Of course, it’s hard not to notice that Paris has continued the city name trend started by her own parents.

In a YouTube video she posted from her honeymoon vacation to Bora Bora, the star revealed that she ideally would love to have twins. 

“Next year we will be a four, because I want to have twins,” she explained in the video. “I feel like this is our last big vacation before we have a family.” 

During the video, she also revealed that she would want her daughter to be called ‘London Marilyn’—something she has clearly stuck with now that the time has come. 

While she might just be doing it because she herself was given a city name, judging by her previous comments it also seems like she likes her children’s name to have meaning—especially meaning that’s found on a map. 

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