Forget Diamonds, Pearl Engagement Rings Are The Unconventional Bridal Trend Dominating 2020

Even Emma Stone has opted for the polished and timeless style

You may have noticed recently that unconventional engagement rings and wedding bands are gaining some serious traction. From unexpected twists on classic styles to colourful and non-traditional gemstones, modern brides are finding unique and inventive ways to create their dream jewellery.

From Emily Ratajkowski’s chunky gold statement band to Scarlett Johansson’s distinctive brown diamond, there are many who have proved that, while traditional solitaire-diamond-in-platinum rings are dazzling, there are no rules when it comes to choosing your bridalwear. 

And if you find yourself among those seeking alternative options, we’re deep-diving into the latest engagement ring trend to burst onto the scene.

Chic pearl engagement rings are both unconventional and timeless, and whether they’re the classic round type or the uneven style sprinkled with diamonds, pearls have a way of transcending jewellery trends. Plus, there are plenty of options to choose from considering pearls’ popularity in the jewellery world. 

Even Emma Stone opted for the chic bridal trend, with now-husband Dave McCary choosing a piece by Tokyo-based designer Kataoka, which features a radiant centre pearl rather than the usual diamond. The ring still consists of several diamonds surrounding the pearl and dotting the 18k beige gold band.

emma stone
(Credit: Instagram)

Below, pearl engagement rings to put on your radar. 


Kataoka Pearl Snowflake Ring-Supreme, $6,566.69;

autore i

Autore Moda Ava Ring, $345;


Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf Pearl Ring, $1,900;


Anissa Kermiche Age of Innocence Pearl, Garnet & Gold Ring, $645;


Sarah & Sebastian Coral Relic Ring, $495;


Kailis Wave Ring, $2,995;


By Charlotte 14k Gold Peace Lover Ring, $389;


TASAKI $4,120;


Allure South Sea Pearls Bezel Set Diamond and Pearl Ring, $3,690;

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