People Are Outraged By Changes To The Size And Flavour Of Beloved Pringles

Things don't look good for Pringles fans.

Recently Pringles did the unthinkable: they messed with perfection.

The once crisp, salty chip that was so well known and loved has undergone a series of changes after moving their production to Malaysia from the USA. 

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First of all, the can is more narrow – which means smaller chips, and less easy access. 

Secondly, they’ve changed the original flavour – the recipe has changed to ‘improve’ the quality of the chip, but instead they’ve gone and done the opposite.

And thirdly, despite all this, they’ve actually RAISED the price per chip!

As you can imagine, people are not happy. And they’ve taken to social media to share their heartbreaking experiences with the new Pringles.

Have they learned nothing from Arnotts, who messed with the original Shapes recipe?? Or when they ruined childhoods by closing the holes in Vita-Weat biscuits?

The lesson we can take from this – NEVER mess with perfection. We can only cast our minds back to a better time… like this 80s Pringles ad with Brad Pitt.

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