Pia Miller Had The Best Response When Body Shamers Called Her Stomach ‘Weird’

'Why is your stomach looking weird?'

Model and actress Pia Miller was forced to hit back at trolls this week after they shamed her for posting a photo in her bikini.

The 34-year-old, who is a mother of two, is on holiday in Bali and shared a photo in her bikini to which some people felt compelled to criticise her appearance.

“Why is your stomach looking weird?” asked one poster, “What’s wrong with her stomach,” wrote another. While some of the other descriptives included “yuck” and “strange”. Yep, aren’t people great.

Thankfully, Pia took it in her stride and shot it down with three simple words: “Two kids, mate!”

Oh to look like as “weird” as her after two kids!

However, the trolling didn’t end there.

Other fans took offence to her wearing a chain with a cross on it.

“You look absolutely beautiful, Pia, but I must say it is a bit inconsiderate/tasteless to wear a holy symbol in a bikini shot. Wish a lot of blessings to you and your family.” 

Well Pia had an answer for that one too. “My grandmother left it for me and it never comes off,” she wrote.

Following the negativity, Pia also took to her Instagram stories to call-out all the negativity she received on one simple photo. 

Pia Miller Instagram Story

“Two kids, a couple of emergency ops and a necklace in memory of my abuela,” she wrote on the post.

Thankfully Pia was also applauded by many for her honest and unfiltered post.

“Beautiful lady and a great role model and strong ambassador for women. We should all respect and love our bodies as much as you do,” wrote one. 

“Thank you for posting something so real, raw and natural and just beautiful! 💕💕😘”

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