Pretty Little Liars Fans Rejoice: A Spin-Off Show Could Be On The Cards

For those of us who will never be ready to let go

Pretty Little Liars, AKA one of the most stressful shows on the planet, could possibly be getting its own spin-off show.

To help fans deal with the approaching finale, showrunner I. Marlene King dropped a little truth-bomb to Entertainment Tonight that she might be just as unprepared as we are to let go of Rosewood.

“It’s not a for sure thing, but there’s some ideas swirling around out there,” King revealed. 

“Everybody knows I love this world, I love to play in this world and I love these characters, so it would be fun to keep a few of them moving forward in their lives.”

When Vulture asked the cast who they thought deserved a spin-off most, Sasha Pieterse’s Alison was unanimously suggested, due to her messed-up past.

The news comes ahead of the show’s final two episodes, airing on June 20 and June 27.

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