Princes Charles Has Created An Organic Gin Flavoured With Herbs From His Own Highgrove Garden

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It looks like Prince Charles is adding ‘distiller’ to his repertoire after launching a new organic gin, flavoured with the herbs from his garden at Highgrove.

The heir to the British throne teamed up with master distiller for the Oxford Artisan Distillery, Cory Mason for the project. 

Mason described the gin to The Daily Mail as “traditional, elegant, refined, but with complex herbal notes of a traditional English garden,” he said. 

According to the Highgrove site, the gin was inspired by the botanicals grown in the Highgrove gardens and is “beautifully bright with abundant notes of delicate garden herbs such as lemon verbena, thyme and rosemary which give the spirit a delightful aroma and flavour.”

The royal also recommends enjoying the spirit with some tonic and fresh cucumber over ice.

prince charles gin

And, to make the deal even sweeter, all profits from sales of Highgrove products are donated to the Prince of Wales’ charitable fund, which supports Charles’s charitable ventures, and has a mission of “transforming lives and building sustainable communities.”

Australian gin enthusiasts can get their hands on the gin from the Highgrove Gardens website—although, shipping may cost you a pretty penny. 

prince charles highgrove gardens

Located at one of the royal family’s estates in Gloucestershire, Highgrove Gardens has always been close to the Prince’s heart.

Originally built in the late 1700s, it was purchased by Charles who saw to the restoration of the estate, including the introduction of all the flora and fauna that can be spotted there today.

It was opened up to the public in 1994 and has raised more than $12 million for The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund. 

The latest gin is the second spirit to be launched by the royal family, the first contained herbs such as lavender, sage and thyme and is also available to shop. 

Here’s where you can nab a sip of the royal spirit down under.

highgrove gin prince charles
Highgrove Organic Garden Botanical Gin, $73 AUD Approx;
prince charles gin
Highgrove Organic Botanic London Dry Gin, $64 AUD Approx;

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