Prince William And Prince Harry Blame Their Dad For This Unusual Habit

"We thought, 'this is perfectly normal, everyone must do it'"

If you thought growing up with blue blood coursing through your veins meant you never had to endure daggy family holidays, Prince William and Prince Harry are here to set you straight. In a new TV interview for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, the royal brothers reveal the habit they both picked up from their father – one they learnt from him during their holidays together and one that got them both low-key bullied at school.

The Telegraph reports that Prince William and Prince Harry have inherited their father’s passion for picking up pieces of rubbish they see on the street.

“I used to get taken the mickey out of at school for picking up rubbish,” Prince Harry reveals. “I didn’t go out consciously looking for it, but when you go for walks anywhere and you see something and it stands out, you pick it up.”

Prince William adds: “He took us litter picking when we were younger, on holiday. We were in Norfolk on school holidays and we went out litter picking with him.”

“We thought this is perfectly normal, everyone must do it. We were there with our spikes stabbing the rubbish into black plastic bags.”

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Of course, a tendency to pick up other people’s rubbish is by no means a bad habit – in fact, it’s one the princes should be commended for. As Prince Harry points out, “We should all be doing it.”

Prince Charles has been a passionate advocate for the environment throughout his life, having established multiple sustainability initiatives, including The Prince’s Rainforest Project and the International Sustainability Unit.

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