Prince Harry On The Moment He Knew Meghan Markle Was ‘The One’

These two 😍

In case the baby, televised wedding and move across the Atlantic wasn’t enough of a tip-off, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are very much in love. But however evident their commitment to each other may be, there are certain questions about their relationship that remain unanswered: e.g. when did Prince Harry know he’d found ‘the one?’

Extracts from a new biography written about the couple were released earlier this week, revealing the exact moment the royal realised Meghan was his forever.

After hitting it off on their first date at London’s Soho House, the pair teed up dinner plans at Dean Street Townhouse the very next night.

“Harry knew they would be together at that point,” the book claims. “She was ticking every box fast.”

Clearly, the feeling was mutual.

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“Almost immediately they were almost obsessed with each other,” a friend of the family told the authors, adding that their relationship moved “quickly” from that point on. This, btw, is kind of an understatement. Harry and Meghan celebrated their third date in Botswana and by the three-month mark they’d already swapped ‘I love you’s.’” Apparently, Harry said it first (because, head over heels) and “from there it didn’t take long for them to begin talking in non-oblique terms about their future.”

Fast-forward a year later, and the pair attended the Invictus Games together – their first public appearance as an official couple. Just two months after that, they announced their engagement… and the rest, as they say, is history!

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