Princess Diana’s Bodyguard Opens Up About Her Troubled Marriage With Charles

The moment she knew it was over

In the latest insight to come out of Princess Diana’s Bodyguard, Ken Wharfe’s new memoir, he opens up about her troubled marriage to Prince Charles.

The pair divorced Aug. 28, 1996 but Wharfe recalls the moment he says that she knew it was over.

He says that when Charles denied her from visiting him in hospital after a polo accident in 1990, yet he did allow another visiter, his now-wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.

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“Diana confessed to me … with absolute determination, that this was the last straw. Her compassion was wasted on her husband … what the prince didn’t want, the public did,” writes Wharfe.

A story which the Prince’s former Press Officer Dickie Arbiter also recounted in his own memoir from 2014.  

“Meanwhile, what was potentially a much bigger news story was unfolding. HRH had a visitor — a Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles. Where she had sprung from I had no idea, but Charles was clearly pleased to see her,” he writes.

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“Though he was still woozy from the anaesthetic, he was less agitated in her company. She didn’t stay long — just long enough to make sure he was comfortable and to assure him that she was close by if needed.”

“It was my first real glimpse into the grim reality of the Wales’s marital situation… When the Prince left hospital, he and Diana put on an impressive display of unity, but in reality they were anything but. I sensed difficult times lay ahead.”

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