Prince Philip’s Nickname For Queen Elizabeth Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Hear All Day

No, it’s not Lilibet…

The Queen wears many hats – mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife and Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms.


This also means that she is a woman who bears many names and titles.

While us ‘commoners’ all refer to her as ‘Her Majesty’ or ‘Her Royal Highness’, Queen Elizabeth’s family members appear to have a deep catalogue of nicknames for the 92-year-old – and some of them are pretty out-there.

We know that the Queen’s nickname growing up was ‘Lilibet’, a name given to her by her father, King George VI, because she couldn’t pronounce her own name, and one that close family are said to still call her – if The Crown is anything to go by anyway.


According to a memoir by Richard Kay, Prince William used to call the Queen ‘Gary’, a hilarious moniker he used before he could say ‘Granny’, and Prince George is reported to call his grandmother ‘Gan-Gan’.

Even Meghan Markle is set to have a nickname for the Queen, reportedly taking on Princess Diana’s nickname for the monarch, ‘Mama’.

Queen Megahan

None of these can compete however with Prince Philip’s sweet nickname for his wife of over 70 years.

The moniker that Philip has bestowed upon his wife? ‘Cabbage’.

Yes, really. Prince Philip calls Queen Elizabeth ‘Cabbage’ on the regular, and it’s all too much to handle.

The vegetable-inspired moniker is thought to have come from the French term, ‘mon petit chou’, translated to ‘my little cabbage’.

There’s no word on whether the Queen is a fan of the nickname, but seeing as it’s stuck for over 70 years, we’d assume that she is.

This article was originally published on Marie Claire UK 

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