Research Confirms Over 1 In 4 Australian Men Do Nothing To Help Around The House

And it’s 2017.

If you thought filling out the census was a complete waste of time, you’ll be pleased to learn that it has, at the very least, uncovered this particular gem: over one in four Australian men do no housework whatsoever.

Last year’s census results asked us all, “In the last week, did the person spend time doing unpaid domestic work for their household?” (Question 48 for those still filling theirs out).

The kind folk who prepare the census then clarify what they mean by ‘domestic work’ as follows: “all housework, food/drink preparation and clean up, laundry, gardening, home maintenance and repairs, and household shopping and finance management,” reports

Ladies, the situation is more dire than we thought.

If this is right, most men in this country are literally not lifting a finger – or at least, not in the week the census was delivered.

Not. Good. Enough.

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