Rihanna’s personal chef reveals her eating habits

Of course Rihanna eats carbs

You’d be forgiven for thinking Rihanna subscribes to a liquid diet – she’s the girl who smuggled a hip flask into the Golden Globes and carries a glass of wine in place of a handbag, after all – but no: not only does Rihanna actually eat, she has a personal chef to cook for her.

Chef Debbie Solomon has cooked for the musician for four years, and describes her client as a “moody eater”.

Speaking to Bon Appetit, Solomon recalls how she got the job when an anonymous caller asked for a series of test meals. It was only later that she realised she’d been cooking for Rihanna.

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Now, she cooks up a mix of the Barbadian and Guyanese dishes Rihanna grew up on, guided by her mother. “It was just, like, her mom coming up and saying, ‘this is how we make it,’” she recalls.

Curried chicken is an enduring favourite, as is “every protein you can think of” with veggies, rice and pasta.

Solomon accompanies Rihanna on all her world tours and travels with an assortment of spices so she can whip up whatever the star fancies. Maggi cubes, cumin seeds, Old Bay seasoning, adobo, five spice, garlic and onion granules go wherever she does.

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