Robyn Lawley Shares Powerful Instagram Post Challenging Perceptions Of Body Image

Don’t believe everything you see on social media

Aussie model Robyn Lawley is known for her fit and healthy figure and is an advocate for loving the skin you’re in and challenging classic perceptions of beauty.

This week she took to Instagram to share a snap of herself wearing a new set of lingerie.

“My ‘Back in Brooklyn’ lingerie set from @weloveshag #handmade,” she wrote alongside a black and white selfie.

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She then followed it up with a second snap, in the same lingerie but with a different angle.

“And just a reminder people how quickly somebody can look through a different angle and pose,” she wrote.

“Angles, retouching, position all can dramatically change a body. I’m content with my body and I only eat high quality local food, a lot I grew myself.” 

The model, who is a mum to daughter Ripley, who turns two next month, also opened up about her healthy eating habits.

“I believe the highest quality food is what is key, it’s so rich you don’t eat much and you need to eat a lot of local seasonal vegetables. And perhaps start a garden and nurture Mother 🌎 Nature back, #compost #growbiointensive#foodforthought #amazonian#robynlawleyeats”.

The Aussie model has been outspoken in the past about challenging perceptions of body image, and has spoken out against the use of the term “plus size model”.

“I find it kind of degrading. If the national average is a size 14, then we shouldn’t be segregating people of that size. I feel healthy and natural at that size,” she told the Daily Telegraph back in October.

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