Planning A Romantic Getaway? Add Jackalope To Your List

Your most luxurious weekend away starts here.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Jackalope was more remote than just an hour out of Melbourne.

Lying by the pool, with nothing but the rolling hills of the on-site vineyard in the distance, it feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

But that’s exactly the idea. Like its mascot, the mythical ‘Jackalope’ (a rabbit with horns dreamed up in North American folklore), the boutique hotel has sought to create a fantastical, somewhat surreal experience for each of its guests. 

It’s an aim thoughtfully imbued into every touchpoint from the moment we arrive. 

Image: Jackalope

We made the short drive from Melbourne in Lexus’ new LC 500 coupe which, like the weekend that lay ahead, made for a fittingly comfortable and luxurious journey. Plus, taking the top down was the perfect way to wind through rolling hills, rugged beaches, and plenty of greenery.

Pulling into the property, which is nestled on 27 acres of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula wine region, we’re met by a larger-than-life Jackalope sculpture. Inside, sleek black interiors and the staff’s swift hospitality quickly melt away any stress, readying us for the weekend of indulgent rest and relaxation that lies ahead. 

Down one of the dimly-lit corridors is our home for the next two nights. Aptly named the Vineyard room, the real star of this space is the view: floor-to-ceiling windows open up onto a private terrace, set against a 30 metre pool, and a backdrop of lush greenery.

Image: Jackalope

While the Mornington Peninsula is brimming with activities should you choose to venture out, for a short stay, everything you need for a romantic weekend away is contained within Jackalope’s property.

We began our mornings on our private terrace, where complimentary breakfast and coffee was delivered to us each day. In the early hours of the morning, the property was completely silent, save for the rustle of wildlife, and perhaps a few early risers making use of the heated spa. Of course, this was no ordinary breakfast fare. While the usual suspects like eggs and toast were on offer, each dish had been fittingly doctored with decadent flavours and seasonal produce in mind.


Next, a rare patch of sun beckoned us to the pool deck which, although busy, was exempt from any of the rambunctiousness you might find at larger hotels. You could easily spend the rest of the day here, plunging between pool and spa, all the while indulging in cocktails and snacks on-tap thanks to the poolside bar.

Eventually, we peeled ourselves away to the spa, where we were booked in for an Essential Relaxation massage. As the name suggests, this full-body treatment was sumptuously tranquil. Even better, an afternoon rain shower gently pitter-pattered against the tin roof throughout my treatment, which only added to the peacefulness. 

Back in the room, we tucked into a stash of gourmet salted crisps, nuts, and decadent chocolate (each room is restocked daily), and sipped on a selection of beverages: perfect fodder for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Image: Jackalope

In the evening, Doot Doot Doot, the venue’s acclaimed restaurant, was abuzz. Featuring a four-course tasting menu, with the option of paired wines, it’s easy to understand how this became one of the most talked-about restaurants in Victoria.

Or, for something a little more relaxed though equally delicious, Rare Hare shouldn’t be missed. Much of the share-style menu has been designed with the restaurant’s wood-fired oven in mind – and for good reason. It’s the perfect spot to gaze out at the rolling hills over some warm potato bread and a glass of Willow Creek Vineyard pinot noir (their home label).

Interest piqued? Start planning your next romantic getaway by visiting the Jackalope website here.

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