5 Types Of Love We’re Celebrating This Valentine’s Day

And the perfect gift for each...

This year, we’re doing Valentine’s Day a little differently.

No longer reserved for loved-up couples, February 14 has become a day to celebrate all kinds of love.  From our closest friends and confidants, to the mentors helping us reach our goals and family members who stick by our sides through thick and thin, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to honour the special connections we share with the ones we care about the most.

Here, we round up the perfect gift ideas to help you celebrate each and every unique love story this year.


An iconic day on the calendar of any romantic, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to recognise the power of passionate love.

Plan a date involving all your special someone’s favourite things and give them a gift that helps them share your love story with the world.

The new Pandora Moments Studded Chain (in both bracelet and necklace form) combines craftmanship and innovation with a revolutionary new chain design with pyramid-shaped and spherical studs to capture and reflect light.

Pandora Moments studded chain bracelet
The Pandora Moments Studded Chain puts a contemporary twist on a classic design. (Credit: Supplied)

The chain also has a striking clasp design—a hand-finished sterling silver heart with an infinity symbol at its centre, embodying the concept of limitless love.

Simple, sophisticated and ideal for everyday wear, the chain can be worn on its own as a statement piece or customised with charms or pendants (like this innovative padlock-inspired piece) to further tell your unique love story.


Gather the girls (and guys) for a “Galentine’s Day” celebration and remind each other of the VIP status you hold in each other’s lives all year round.

The key to the perfect platonic Valentine’s Day gift? Keep it fun, sweet and thoughtful.

Think an instant camera to help them capture all your favourite moments together, or a basket of skincare goodies like face masks and supercharged serums to help them take a little time out for themselves between catchups.


Don’t forget about the most important person of all this Valentine’s Day: you.

self love happy smiling woman
Embrace self-love this year and spoil yourself with something you want. (Credit: Getty)

Whether you’re coupled up or embracing all that singledom has to offer (or you’re somewhere in between), the most important relationship you have is with yourself, so spoil yourself with a special something in celebration of all you’ve achieved.

Whether it’s that pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing off for weeks or a new print to spruce up your home space, the key to giving yourself the perfect gift is embracing the “want” factor over the “need”.

After all, you’re worth an extra special treat.


No bond is greater than the unconditional one we share with our family, so remind them of how much their presence helps light us from within with a unique and sparkling gift.

The super stackable new wave designs from Pandora Timeless are perfect for your mum or sister. Available in three metal finishes, the Sparkling Wave Ring is curved to resemble the movement of a wave, and features a row of round brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia along the front.

Pandora Timeless Sparkling Wave Rings
Pandora Timeless Sparkling Wave Rings, available in three metal finishes, from $59. (Credit: Supplied)

A sophisticated solo piece, the rings can also be stacked for a contemporary look that will stay in style for years to come.


There aren’t enough occasions in the year to share your appreciation for someone you admire.

Whether it be a co-worker who’s helped you through a particularly challenging or busy period or a mentor who’s offered guidance to help you navigate some of life’s trickiest moments, this year, we’re using Valentine’s Day to say a special “thank you”.

A simple, sweet gesture like a fresh bunch of flowers or a candle reminiscent of their favourite place can go a long way in making someone feel appreciated.

To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, Pandora has launched a new range of meaningful gift ideas that pay tribute to your unique love story. Explore the collection here and make a romantic and memorable statement.

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