On Queen Elizabeth’s Bizarre Dinner Table Rule

The princess revealed the rule on Jessie Ware's 'Table Manners' podcast.
Queen Elizabeth

The British royal family are known to follow a few bizarre rules. From tiara regulations to the number of children they’re allowed to have, their lives are dictated by order and tradition. While some of these rules were implemented long ago, others were brought in during the late Queen Elizabeth II’s reign due to her personal preferences.

On an episode of Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast, the Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, let her grandmother’s most interesting dinner table rule slip.

Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie has revealed a bizarre royal rule. (Credit: Getty)

According to the princess, Queen Elizabeth never allowed the family to eat garlic or onion-based dishes because she was worried about bad breath. These bulbus foods were especially frowned upon if there was a royal engagement taking place the next day.

However, the rule didn’t stop at the Buckingham Palace gates, with Princess Eugenie’s parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, also not allowing anything with garlic and onion to be eaten at their dinner tables.

Princess Eugenie and Queen Elizabeth.
Queen Elizabeth II was not a fan of onion or garlic. (Credit: Getty)

However, her family’s dislike of these foods hasn’t put Princess Eugenie off with the princess revealing onion and garlics are staples on her own shopping list. A huge fan of the one pot meal the princess’ basket is filled with: Chicken, sausages, potatoes, onion and garlic to name a few items.

Hopefully King Charles approves.

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