The Winner Of ‘SAS Australia’ Australia Might Have Already Been Revealed

Here's who fans are backing.

If you’ve been watching SAS Australia, you’ll no doubt be familiar with its frequent adrenalin-fuelled cliff-hangers—but its biggest one is yet to come as we await to see who’ll win the confronting show. 

SAS sees a bunch of celebrities thrown into the vigorous testing and training process for real life SAS candidates. There are freezing temperatures, physical challenges that test both physical and mental endurance and interrogations that make each contestant confront their deepest, darkest secrets and fears. 

In the end, few remain, and even then not all of them are selected by the show’s ‘hosts’, chief instructor Ant Middleton, US Navy SEAL Clint Emerson and former British Special Forces soldier Dean Stott. They have the final say on who would actually be chosen for the SAS in a real life scenario. 

So who’ll take it out this year? There are early signs pointing to one particular contestant. 

Millie Boyle on ‘SAS Australia’ (Credit: Channel Seven.)

Who wins SAS Australia?

As it stands, fans have hedged their bets on Rugby League player, Millie Boyle as the winner of the show—quite literally. The 23-year-old Brisbane Brocos prop is currently tipped as Sportsbet’s favourite with $1.50 odds. 

Behind her is former NRL player Darius Boyd with odds at $1.65—clearly, the ball game serves as good preparation for the demanding requirements of an SAS soldier. 

Of course, the odds aren’t always right, and there’s always a chance that a dark horse could emerge as the show nears its end—Bachelor star Anna Heinrich has a huge fanbase behind her, and presenter Riana Crehan is also a  fan favourite. 

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And to throw a spanner in the works, it was recently rumoured that producers predetermine the show’s outcome, which means that some of the moments are supposedly contrived to fit that result. 

“We knew from day one, when we lined up for the promotional photos, who’d be there at the end,” an unnamed source who claimed to be a contestant on last year’s show told The Daily Mail.

Whether there’s any truth to these claims remains to be seen, but there’s no denying whoever does win has tackled some pretty incredible stuff—SAS really isn’t for the faint hearted. 

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