Scott Disick Opens Up About His Relationship With Sofia Richie For The First Time

And their 15-year age gap

Season 15 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered last night and while the majority of the episode focused on the growing feud between sisters Kim and Kourtney, Scott Disick and his relationship with Sofia Richie also got a mention.

Kim asked 35-year-old Scott about his relationship with the 19-year-old, asking him if he ever felt the need to “grow up”.

“Do you ever find yourself in a moment when you’re like, ‘grow up’?  

To which he replied, “not at all. I feel like she tells it to me.”

“When Kendall and Kylie were hanging out with your girlfriend 10 years ago, who would have ever thought,” she continued. “Like, ‘You’re going to date Kourtney’s boyfriend one day.’ Never in a million years.”

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Scott and Sofia have been together (off and on) for close to a year, and both have remained fairly quiet on their relationship, but in the episode the father-of-three opened up about his younger girlfriend and moving on from long-time love, Kourtney.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been with anybody different, but it’s been a really good thing for me,” he shared. “It’s a little bit different for me to talk about things that are going on now. Sometimes I feel guilty that I’ve moved on.”

Then later in the episode, during a conversation the Kardashian’s cousin Cici Bussey he adds, “it’s pretty serious.”

“It’s definitely the first girl besides Kourtney that was a real relationship.

“One part of me is really happy that I’m able to care about somebody again, but there’s a feeling in the back of me that feels guilty because I’m moving on from Kourtney.”

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