Meet The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ Spinoff, ‘Selling The OC’

Same drama, different landscape.
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There’s something about real estate that draws us in—whether it’s curiosity at a simple listing on Marketplace, or binge-watching any show even remotely related to selling exceptionally large, extortionately priced homes. 

Luckily for us, there’s plenty of the latter to fawn over–and the latest edition to TV’s lineup of dreamy interior content (plus a healthy dose of drama) is Selling The OC

A spin-off to its now-iconic predecessor, Selling Sunset, Netflix brings a whole new batch of agents selling some of the most in-demand homes in the United States—from the shores of Orange County. 

Adam DiVello, the brains behind several other wildly popular reality TV shows based in the infamous area (Laguna Beach, anyone?) has returned as executive producer, while Sunset‘s stalwarts Jason and Brett Oppenheim will appear in the new series as they expand the Oppenheim Group. 

It’s got all the makings of some brilliant, binge-watchable TV, and frankly, we can’t wait. Below, we meet the all-new lineup of agents. 


Alexandra Hall

As one of the OC’s top-ranking realtors, Alexandra always means business. And she likely won’t let drama get in the way of that.

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Alexandra Jarvis

Alexandra is originally from Alabama, but she found a home in the OC. Along with her hustle as a realtor, she’s also a practicing attorney—you can bet she uses her legal knowledge to negotiate the best deals.

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Kayla Cardona

Kayla’s talents as a realtor are undeniable—prior to  joining The Oppenheim Group, she was an award-winning, top 1 percent agent on Zillow. 

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Tyler Stanaland

Real estate is in Tyler’s blood. He’s a fifth-generation realtor who set out in the industry at just 18 years old. He’s also a keen surfer—practically the epitome of an OC local: Mansions in the morning, beach in the afternoon. 

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Brandi Marshall

With a background in PR, Brandi knows a thing or two about communication—she’s one of the Oppenheim Group’s latest recruits and will no doubt be determined to prove her talents on the show. 

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Gio Helou

Gio is a jack of all real estate trades—he previously worked in residential development, but his talents were obviously better placed in another area: He was one of the first agents recruited in the Oppenheim Group’s new office in the OC.

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Lauren Shortt

Lauren is no stranger to the area having lived in the OC for 10 years. Her work is proof that knowledge is key after selling more than 150 properties since starting out as a realtor there in 2017. 

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Austin Victoria

Austin isn’t just a realtor. He’s also a model, a father and a husband—and the expansive portfolio has given him plenty of confidence, to say the least. 

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Alexandra Rose

Alexandra has a background in sales and client services, so she was well equipped when she added ‘realtor’ to her CV. According to her bio, she takes pride in delivering a personalised and professional experience for her clients—it looks like she’ll bring plenty of competition.

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Sean Palmieri

Sean is perhaps more familiar with his former real estate territory in Florida, but after four years in California, he’s learned a thing or two. We have a feeling he’ll be one to watch… 

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Polly Brindle

Like Austin, Polly is a multi-hyphenate having worked as a successful model in London, Milan, Paris and beyond. But despite the impressive travelling portfolio, California was her ultimate home. After getting her licence and joining the real estate realm last year, Polly is keen to prove herself.

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