Our First Glimpse Of Carrie Bradshaw In 11 Years Has Arrived In The New ‘Sex & The City’ Trailer

And yes, Mr. Big is back.

After more than a decade’s hiatus, our first proper look at Carrie Bradshaw in all her glorious 2021 realness has arrived—and it’s every bit as perfect as we hoped for. 

A new trailer for the Sex And The City reboot, named And Just Like That dropped yesterday amid Emmy Awards madness. HBO Max, who have signed and sealed the highly anticipated new series, shared a clip featuring several sneak peeks of their upcoming productions at the prestigious event. Lo and behold, they gave the fans what they wanted in the form of a short, sharp yet oh-so significant preview of what’s to come for Carrie in the reboot. 

In the clip, we see Carrie reunited with her best friends Miranda Hobbs and Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (all of whom are looking incredibly stylish, as per). In a second scene, Carrie joins Mr. Big in a kitchen, where they both share a kiss. 

From the small glimpse we have, it’s possible to draw several conclusions. Carrie and Mr. Big are happy for at least some of the series, while both Charlotte (Kristen Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) look just as on-brand as ever as they gather with Carrie. 

Rumours have been flying left right and centre about the narrative of the new season, with reports claiming that a major character would be killed off in the first episode. Many immediately assumed it would be Mr. Big—though the trailer appears to refute that.

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Interestingly, Page Six also obtained what they claimed to be a leaked script several months ago, which revealed that Carrie and Mr. Big were getting a divorce in the new series. 

The script also gave more context to Carrie’s current work—now in her 50s, she’s hosting her own podcast and dealing with the fallout of a huge relationship breakdown.

Given the new preview clip doesn’t go into any detail (it literally has no dialogue), we’ll just have to let our imaginations run wild while we wait with baited breath to learn what’s to come in this next instalment for Carrie Bradshaw. 

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